Mariupol, Ukraine

Overview of Mariupol, Ukraine

Mariupol (from ancient Greek Μαριούπολις) is the city of Mary in Donetsk region in the south-east of Ukraine, founded in 1778, which returned its historical name on request of the citizens in 1989. Located on the shore of the Sea of Azov, the important economic and industrial center of Ukraine, the large seaport, the capital of the Greeks of the North Pontic Area, climatic and mud resort is rightfully called the "Sea Gate" of Donbass.

Climate in Mariupol, Ukraine

Mariupol is favorably located in the temperate latitudes of the continental climate. Long hot dry summers and winters with little snow are typical for these places. Eastern and south-eastern winds prevail. The average maximum air temperature in July is +27.6 ° C, while the average minimum in January drops to -6.2 ° C. Average annual rainfall is about 430 mm per year. With the onset of cold weather from October to February, foggy days become characteristic. Сlose proximity to the sea reduces sensation of heat in summer and softens harsh weather conditions within winter months, saturates air with ozone, micronutrients, including iodine and mineral salts. Already in May, with the onset of stably warm sunny days, the water near the coast warms up to +18 ° C, which marks the beginning of the beach season, which will last until mid-late September. The maximum water temperature in the Sea of ​​Azov along the Mariupol beaches rises at the height of summer in July up to + 25.7 ° C. In the warm season, sunny clear days prevail, and this is over 1500 hours.

The Sea of Azov and Sandy beaches of Mariupol, Ukraine

Every year small-shell and sandy beaches of Mariupol tend to become more well-groomed and equipped, the seabed and sand are regularly cleaned. They are all free. Among the citizens and visitors the most popular are Gorodskoy (City) and Peschanyy (Sandy) beaches. It is easy to get to Gorodskoy beach by public transport from many parts of the city, if necessary you may call a taxi. New spacious wooden sun loungers, tents, outdoor exercise equipment and showers are installed here. The coastline is divided by breakwaters. There is a children's beach and a beach for  physically challenged people on Gorodskoy beach next to the Santa Barbara cafe. Trees are planted along the edge, providing guests with the necessary shade. On both sides of Gorodskoy beach there are less popular Tourist and SRZ beaches. Perhaps, the most favorite vacation spot is Peschanka (Sandy) beach. You may get here from the city centre by public transport, it may be a problem to drive your own car or taxi to the far edge of the beach on weekends and holidays. Peschanka is conventionally divided into the beaches Na Kamnyakh (On the stones) (the closest to the port), Dolphin and Brigantina (close to the ​​the cafes of the same names), and the further one Krynichka, where Crimean pines are planted. Each of the sites has a wide sandy coastline, cafes, beach volleyball courts and toilets. Each of the vacationers may find here their favorite place to relax with friends and families. Levoberezhny on the Left Bank of the city and Zheleznodorozhny beaches are considered  to be less tourist spots, the latter, however, being quite well-groomed and being equipped with benches, showers, changing rooms, tents and sun loungers.

Infrastructure and Entertainment in Mariupol, Ukraine

Mariupol is an industrial, commercial and tourist center of south-eastern Ukraine. Among the largest enterprises are Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, Azovstal Iron and Steel Works and Mariupol Commercial Sea Port. The developed infrastructure of the city also includes a number of medical institutions, maternity hospitals, private clinics, higher educational institutions, the conservatory, the theater, the music and theater school, Kuindzhi children's art school, Dali art salon, PortCity shopping and entertainment center for children and adults, Fly Kids children center, sanatoriums, beauty salons, Illichivets sport complex, concert halls, swimming pools, bowling clubs, cinemas, tourist routes and attractions, quest rooms, Windsport surfing club  (Pionerskoye village, 15 minutes drive), cafes, bars, restaurants, sport clubs, Yacht-Club Azovstal, banks (Privatbank, FUIB First Ukrainian International Bank, Oschadbank) and ATMs, pharmacies, chain supermarkets (ATB, Silpo, Zerkalny, Yarmarka, METRO), Epicenter construction hypermarket, Consulate of Greece. The following places of public catering have become popular among Mariupol residents and guests of the city:

  • The Garden Cafe  (Italian, Japanese, Chinese, American cuisines) - 10, Primorsky Boulevard;
  • The Oba-Na Cafe (European cuisine) 12, Primorsky Boulevard;
  • The Frau Anna Restaurant (German, European cuisine) 33, Primorsky Boulevard;
  • The Old Mayak Cafe (European cuisine), 11a, Metallurgov ave .;
  • The KULT Pub Mariupol (author's cuisine from a wood-burning stove) 27, Primorsky Boulevard

Infrastructure and Entertainment in Mariupol, Ukraine

In commemoration of the 240th anniversary of the foundation of the city a grandiose reconstruction of the tourist attractions of Mariupol was initiated. Within the framework of the Virgin Mary Cluster project, Teatralnaya and Grecheskaya squares, central Mira avenue have got their new outlook, street lighting was modernized, roads, parks and squares were repaired not only in the central, but also in Levoberezhny district. The 10 km route becomes an object of pride for citizens and a magnet for city guests. The facades of historical buildings have been reconstructed along the entire perimeter of the Theater Ring. Sea-view City Garden and Primorskyy Parks prove to be the favorite places for outdoor activities. In 2020 a collection of mini-sculptures was spotted throughout the city, each featuring a precious urban legend. Be attentive when walking along the streets of Mariupol, as you will surely encounter cute figures of Architect Nielsen, the charming Mammoth, the Azov Worker Blacksmith, Domakha, the Small Ship, the Sturgeon, the Pelican on your way. Regular exhibitions of artists are held in the Kuindzhi Exhibition Hall, you are welcome to know about the creative path of the maestro himself in the Kuindzhi Art Museum, guides of the Mariupol Museum of Local History and the Museum of Folk Life will help to dive into the history of the city. Having visited Mariupol once you will be eager to come back here again as the city becomes even more attractive for guests every day. 'The Big Cultural Capital of Ukraine 2020', the annual festival on the coast of the Azov Sea MRPL City Festival, the multidisciplinary international festival of contemporary art GOGOLFEST and other events, all this is  about Mariupol!

Vezha Creative Space - business card of Mariupol

Vezha Creative Space center, located in the building of the first water tower, is considered to be a special decoration and a business card of the city. The building (one of the 5 official architectural monuments of Mariupol), designed by architect Victor Nielsen, celebrated its 110th anniversary on July 3, 2020. Vezha today is a cultural and tourist center, coworking space, a popular observation deck, a lecture hall, a creative platform and a library. 

Veselka Park

In 2019 the reconstructed Veselka park was open on the Left Bank of the city, which has already received the title of Little Holland.

Extreme Park

Extreme Park is fairly considered  to be one of the best places for family activities. 14 modern attractions, cafes and playgrounds significantly diversify leisure of the guests.

Sports and Entertainment Center 'Alyaska - Center'

'Alaska Center' sports and entertainment complex in Granitnaya Street features many ideas for active leisure, both in summer and in winter. Ski slopes, café, climbing wall and  the rope park are excellent alternatives both, for adults and children.

Sultan Suleiman Mosque 

Representatives of different religious confessions live peacefully in Mariupol. This is evidenced by the functioning Mosque of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent located in the greenery of Primorskyy Park. The magnificent building in the typical architectural style is open to the public.

'U Vashury' Wildlife Nature Park in Mariupol 

Mariupol Wildlife Park 'U Vashury' is the favorite recreation place for Mariupol citizens and guests of the city. Children know many residents by name, moreover, visitors are allowed to feed animals here.

Music Fountain in Theater Square of Mariupol

Since 2019, the musical fountain in Theater Square has become the center of the maximum concentration of guests of all ages. Within warm season one may enjoy the refreshing spray, ride a walking vehicle, and in winter the square is transformed into an open-air skating rink.

Mariupol, Ukraine. How to reach.

One may arrive in Mariupol from Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Bakhmut by train. Also on the railway. train station arrives by trains from nearby settlements. A well-developed transportation network near the train station allows you to get by public transport or taxi to any part of ​​the city. Mariupol bus station is the important link in the transport system of the region, which allows international and intercity trips (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Dnipro, St. Petersburg, Moscow). Destinations are subject to reconfirmation upon the time of travel planning. You can get to Mariupol from Kyiv by E40 / M03 and T0803 highways, from Kharkiv - E40 / M03 and H20, Lviv - E40, Dnipro - T0803 and many other cities by your own vehicles.

GPS coordinates of Mariupol:

  • Latitude: 47°05′42″ 
  • Longitude: 37°32′28″ 

Internet and mobile coverage in Mariupol, Ukraine

While in Mariupol, you will not have interruptions in mobile communication. Coverage is provided by such operators as: Kyivstar, life :), Vodafone Ukraine, Jeans, Ecotel, Beeline Ukraine.